• 1. REGISTER :

    To start using BookToBook. net is necessary that you register. We are not asking for more data than necessary for our software to find more books that you agree to geographic proximity. The e-mail is essential, because once two users have accepted a swap, will cross their email so they can specify the form of exchange (in person, by mail)

    Once you re registered and entered into the system (via username and password), you can display the user menu in which you interact with us.

  • 2. SEARCH LIST : Two options are

    to add books to your search profile by clicking on the button That looking for? or the button < b> Search . The first will be able to add the book you want, whether or not offered by another user at the time. In the second you can only do searches for those books that other users are offering.


  • 3. OFFERS LIST :

    matches have exchanged with other users need to offer any book, how many more offer will have a better chance of getting what you want. Only you must enter the you offer? and put up your books easily.


  • 4. MATCHES :

    At this time launches its engines to locate a user who has the book you want and you show me in the coincidences. This result is displayed with the same color code to a traffic light (green, orange and red). With this code differentiate the factors favorable to our exchange.

    Green: It means that the same user who has the book you are looking for, wants a book we offer and also lives in the same population.

    Orange: When one of the three preceding conditions are not met.

    Red: when there are no coincidences.

    Tip: You can make the case that we see a match in red indicating that a user Our population has the same book we re looking for but we do not offer the book to the search. If you click on top of this user in the menu matches, we can see that books and looking if we have any in our interest and the exchange can put up to That offer? this book and ensure the perfect exchange.

    Anyway we can always ask for the book and the user can decide if you re interested in something that you have.

    When we decided to start an exchange, click Request on the coincidence of interest.


  • 5. ORDERS :

    At this point, send an e-mail to another user indicating that someone is asking for an exchange and we will require their approval. If both users agree, crossed the e-mail of two users so they can be agreed on the form of exchange.
    During this process we can see the status of process from the point Orders .